How to fix an MTK Smartphone that wont start after interrupting SP Flash tool

What you should know about SP flash tool is that you shouldn't interrupt a flash or read back process. If you do, the phone will go off and not come on at all. You might get the "USB device not recognized" error on further flashing attempts. If somehow, the process got interrupted and you now have a totally dead phone on your hands, don't panic. All you need to do is connect the phone to a computer (via a USB cord) or power source and leave it to charge for some time. It could take up to two hours but once the phone is revived, your battery could read as low as 1% . just leave it to keep charging before powering it up.

Tips to speed things up 

  1. Remove the battery > Connect the phone to a charger without battery inside > Slot in the battery while the phone is still connected to the charger. 
  2. You could keep pressing the Volume up + Power button while charging 
  3. You could remove and boost the battery using a desktop / external charger then resume internal charging.
  4. Uninstall then re-install MTK preloader vcom drivers using this guide @ How to Unbrick Mediatek phone
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SP Flash Tool Free Download Latest Version [Official] {Windows/Linux}

SP Flash Tool Latest Download Links : Smart Phone Flash tool is a Simple Application and it works on Operating systems like Windows and Linux. SP Flash tool lets you install Any Firmware to your Mediatek (MTK) Android device. This is the tool which is used to Un-Brick the Hard Bricked android Phones. Hard Bricking is the state of Your android phone where your phone does not switch on, or your phone goes into a Boot loop

These errors occurs when there is corruption of files in your Android System files. ( usually also happens when you apply a wrong method of rooting or install a wrong custom rom Or even when you just mess up your system files out of curiosity). if your phone is hard bricked or if you want to Install some other firmware on your Android phone then SP Tools is the only solution available if your phone is of Mediatek chipset. So Below are the Download links for SP flash tool Latest version.

If, you still did not know what is SP flash tool And What all Functions it can do Then read our article - What is SP Tool 

SP Flash Tool download Latest version - {Windows/Linus}

SP Flash Tool Free Download Links

Below is the Link to Latest version of SP Flash tool.
  • SP Flash Tool V5.1532.00 Direct Download Link (Windows) :  Download
  • SP Flash Tool V5.1532.00 Direct Download Link (Linux) :  Download
This was the Direct Download Links of Latest version of SP Tools for windows and linux, There are maximum Chances that your Mediatek Android device will work fine with this version of SP Flash tool. But Still in some Android devices ( Those which are very old) Works better with older versions of SP Tools, So for that purpose below are the Older versions of SP Flash tool.

SP Flash Tool Older Versions :

Version       Windows       Linux
These are the Official Download Links to all the older version of Smart phone flash tool, Most of the time the latest (V5.1532) will work for your mediatek Android device. Try these old versions only if the latest is not working with your phone.

If you Don't know how to use Smart Phone Flash tool for Your mediatek android device, Don't worry we will help you!. We have already written some General tutorials of SP Flash tool. Read it and keep following this blog to get more of the SP Flash tool Tutorials. Also Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail to get notifications on your E-Mail whenever we write an article ( We will Not sell or Spam your E-Mail ).

Useful tutorial Links :

Read these fully and keep following this Blog for more tutorials.


So This article was all about SP (Smart Phone) Flash tool Download Links, You can download the official Version of Full functioning of SP Flash tool from here. And If You get any errors or Problem while using this Tool, then you can feel free to comment your problems here on this article, We will be glad to help you. And Feel free to share this blog with your friends on social media To help us.

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[TUT] Flash Stock Boot.img of Any MTK Android Device Through SP Flash Tool {Easiest Method}

Hey peeps, Today we will be learning about How to Flash the stock Boot.img to your mediatek Android Phone using SP Flash tools. Android System files are really vulnerable to get messed when you have root access, As Root gives full control to you there are chances that you mess up with any system file unknowingly. But in android its also easy to fix these problems, And our today's tutorial will be useful for those who have messed up with Boot.img File of Android Phone.

Note: Boot.img Files are not easy to mess with, Don't think that if your Phone is Not booting up then the problem is in Boot.img. Actually only Android Developers are vulnerable to get this error ( As they play around messing different files knowingly that they are of Boot.img files).

So without wasting further time let's look into how to flash boot.img in Android using SP Tool.

flash stock boot.img image of any MTK android phone with SP flash tool

Steps To Flash Stock Boot.img in MTK Android


  • SP Flash tool
  • Stock Firmware for your Mediatek Android Device : (You can get it by searching on Google)
  • Data cable
  • Android Phone
  • PDAnet Installed (It installs AMD drivers)


STEP 1: Install the USB Drivers, And PDAnet Drivers in your PC.

STEP 2: Open SP Tools, And click on "Scatter Loader" And Browse and select the scatter file of your Stock ROM.

STEP 3: After loading the scatter file, You will see many Options which needs to be installed in your Phone from Stock rom - Like "recovery.img" , "System" etc. From these Untick Everything, and now just tick (select) "Boot.img" from the option.

STEP 4: Click on "Download" Option from the top Bar. Now a process will load and complete

STEP 5: Now Remove the Battery of your phone, and Keep Hold of the Volume up Button, and connect your phone with your PC using Data Cable of your phone, And after connecting release the Volume Up button.

STEP 6: If no process Is been done, then try pressing the volume up button Again, And still if nothing is happening, then Insert your battery and again press the volume up button.

STEP 7: If everything is right, then a process will start, and the progress of Process will be shown in Bottom Bar of SP Flash tool. Keep waiting until its finished.

STEP 8: After successfully Flashing Boot.img A Green Ring will be shown. Now remove your mobile from cable, and insert battery and Switch on your phone. Thats it Now you have flashed the Stock Boot.img of your Android phone.

Also Read List of SP Flash tools Errors, And their Solutions

So friends Hope that the process was pretty Simple. Now you can flash The boot.img of your Phone Without any fear of losing your phone. And If you face any problem, just comment it down below. We will try to help you. And Don't forget to share it on your Social Media Profiles.
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List of SP Flash Tool errors, their meanings and how to resolve them

SP Flash Tool Error Codes & Solutions
SP Flash Tool Error Codes & Solutions
Error 1: SP Flash Tool remains at 0%
  • Install necessary MediaTek VCOM drivers on PC.
  • Use the latest version of SP Flash Tool

Error 2 : Initialize Scatter file failed. Please check the scatter file name you load is legal

Meaning: SP Flash Tool doesn’t accept the name of the scatter file.

  • Make sure Scatter file was not renamed.
  • Try a higher version of SP Flash Tool.

Error 3: USB device not recognized

This error occurs while you connect your device to PC. It shows a prompt on the system tray after connecting your device.

Meaning: PC is having trouble communicating with your device (It occurs due to interruption, hardware or driver problems).

  • Try a different USB Cord, USB Port or PC.
  • Install latest MediaTek USB drivers on PC.

Error 4: Please select one ROM at least before execution

Meaning: SP Flash Tool fails to recognize that there is an item ticked.

  • Select the Scatter file again and untick all the items which you don’t want to flash one by one.
  • Don’t use the check box which un-ticks all the items at once and then checking one by one.

Error 5: PRO_INFO: Failed to get PMT info

Meaning: SP Flash Tool is having problems reading the phone.

  • Use different PC and USB Cable.
  • Ensure that phone is powered off with charged battery inside when connecting.

Some phones require you to remove the battery while flashing. In this case Solution 1, you should go for.

Error 6 : Error 1002: S_INVALID_ARGUMENTS

Meaning: Invalid Scatter file.

Solution: Load correct scatter file.

Error 7: Error 1012: BROM ERROR: S_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY (1012)

Meaning: The version of SP Flash Tool doesn’t support the size(s) of the file(s) in the firmware or ROM.

Solution: Use the latest version of Flash Tool

Error 8: Error 1003: S_COM_PORT_OPEN_FAIL (1003)

Error 9 : Error 1013: BROM ERROR: S_COM_PORT_OPEN Fail (1013)

Meaning: SP Flash Tool encountered an error while communicating with the device via the target port.

  1. Connect the device to different USB Port on PC
  2. Try different versions of SP Flash Tool
  3. Try using different USB Cable
  4. Make sure device’s USB port is not damaged

Error 10: Error 1011: S_NOT_ENOUGH_STORAGE_SPACE
Meaning: The size of any part of the firmware is larger than the allotted space (usually a block or core)

Solution: Change the version of SP Flash Tool.

Note: It is learned that this error sometimes occurs on the “raw” versions of the flash tool. So changing the version might help.

Error 11 : Error 1022:
Meaning: The version of SP Flash tool is not compatible with your device or the USB interface is not working.

  • Use different or latest version of SP Flash Tool
  • Change USB Cable or USB Port.

Error 12 : Error 1040: S_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION (1040)
Meaning: Flash boot files & Scatter.txt doesn’t match.

Solution: Make sure correct scatter file is loaded.

Error 13 : Error 1042: BROM ERROR: S_TIMEOUT (1042)
Meaning: Flashing process took too long and SP Flash Tool encountered timeout.

  • Try flashing one file at a time
  • Use the latest version of SP Flash Tool
  • Use different PC and USB Cable

Error 14 : Error 2: BROM ERROR: ?? (2)

Meaning: SP Flash Tool was unable to communicate with the device.

  • Try using different PC (preferably Windows 7)
  • Install MediaTek USB Drivers on PC
  • Use another USB Cable

Error 15 : Error 4008: BROM ERROR : S_FT_DOWNLOAD_FAIL (4008)

Error 16 : Error 2004: BROM ERROR : S_FT_DOWNLOAD_FAIL (2004)

Meaning: There is an interruption between the SP Flash Tool and the device communication and the SP Flash Tool encountered an error while flashing files.

  1. Take out the battery and re-insert it back.
  2. Use different USB Cable, port, and PC.
  3. Right click flash_tool.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Set to Windows XP Service Pack 3 -> Apply -> OK -> Run flash_tool.exe as administrator.
  4. Make sure the battery has enough charge left.

Error 17 : Error 2005: BROM ERROR: S_BROM_CMD_STARTCMD_FAIL (2005)

Meaning: Device attempted to power on before SP Flash Tool could flash the files to it.

  1. Take out the battery and re-insert it back.
  2. Use different USB Cable, port, and PC.
  3. Right click flash_tool.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Set to Windows XP Service Pack 3 -> Apply -> OK -> Run flash_tool.exe as administrator.
  4. Make sure the battery has enough charge left.

Error 18 : Error 2020: BROM ERROR : S_BROM_CHKSUM16_MEM_RESULT_DIFF (2020)

Meaning: Flash Tool encountered a problem moving files to be flashed to the device’s internal SRAM.

  1. Use the latest version of SP flash tool
  2. In SP flash tool, navigate to Options > Option > Connection > Battery. Set it to “with battery”.
  3. Use the Format all + Download option
  4. Hold both volume buttons before connecting to the PC for flashing and release once flashing begins

Error 19 : Error 3001: S_DA_EXT_RAM_ERROR

Occurs due to connection problems. Check the cable and reconnect to another port. If still occurs try using different PC.

Error 20 : Error 3012: NAND_FLASH_NOT_FOUND

Meaning: Problem associated with the definition of a flash memory.

  • Use the different version of flash tools.
  • Use different PC, USB Cable and USB Port.


Meaning: SP flash tool encountered an error flashing a selected file to a non-specified partition

  • Use the latest version of SP Flash Tool
  • Use format option and then download in SP Flash Tool

Error 22 : Error 3144: S_DA_EMMC_FLASH_NOT_FOUND (3144)

Meaning: Flash boot files and scatter mismatch. Note EMMC partition device and MTD partition device use different TXT boot files.

  • Choose correct Scatter file.
  • Use different PC (preferably Windows XP) with all the drivers loaded.

Error 23 : Error 3149: BROM ERROR : S_DA_SDMMC_WRITE_FAILED (3149)

Meaning: SP Flash tool is unable to flash files to the device.

  • Use the latest version of SP flash tool and run it as Administrator
  • Format first then Download
  • Don’t tick a box with an unspecified/empty file path
  • Ensure the phone is switched off and has enough Charge before connecting to PC for flashing
  • Try a different PC
  • Try a different ROM
  • Try a different USB cord
  • Try formatting the phone first before flashing files to it

Error 24 : Error 3168: BROM ERROR: S_CHIP_TYRE_NOT_MATCH (3168)

Meaning: SP Flash Tool detects that there is a mismatch between the information provided in the scatter file and device’s info.

  • Make sure you are using correct ROM file for your device.
  • Use higher version of SP Flash Tool
  • Install correct drivers on PC.

Error 25 : Error 3182: BROM ERROR: S_STORAGE_NOT_MATCH (3182)

Error 26 : Error 3167: BROM_ERROR : S_STORAGE_NOT_MATCH (3167)

Error 27 : Error 3178: BROM_ERROR_S_STORAGE_NOT_MATCH (3178)

Meaning: Firmware you are trying to flash is not compatible with your device.

Solution: Try getting the appropriate firmware for your device model.

Error 28 : Error 4001: S_FT_DA_NO_RESPONSE or Da didn’t send response data to Flash Tool

Meaning: SP Flash Tool facing problem communicating with the device.

  • Use different USB Port.
  • Install MediaTek VCOM drivers on PC.
  • Run Flash_tool.exe as administrator.
  • Use different PC (preferably Windows 7 or XP).
  • Try different USB Cable.

Error 29 : Error 4004: Driver Error

Meaning: Drivers not found or corrupted.

Solution: Uninstall drivers and reinstall them.

Error 30 : Error 4009: S_FT_READBACK_FAIL (4009)

Meaning: SP Flash Tool failed to create Readback file possibly due to not enough space for a file or file cannot be overwritten because it is locked.

  • Use the different version of SP Flash Tool
  • Delete old Readback files

Error 31 : Error 4010: BROM ERROR : S_FT_FORMAT_FAIL

Meaning: The blocks map in the scatter file doesn’t match the device’s partition sizes

  • Use the correct firmware for your device model.
  • Use the latest version of SP Flash Tool


Meaning: You’re trying to flash a file that has not been processed for flashing via SP flash tool

Error 33 : Error 4032: BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) [EMI] Enable DRAM fail

Meaning: The firmware you’re trying to flash is either not compatible with your device or you have selected the wrong flashing settings

  • Ensure that the firmware you are flashing is made for your device model.
  • Delete SP Flash Tool folder and re-extract it.
  • Ensure you tick the boxes for only the files present in the ROM you’re about to flash
  • Might have the wrong driver installed. Uninstall the VCOM, Preloader, and MTK drivers and reinstall them.

Error 34 : Error 4050: S_FT_NEED_DOWNLOAD_ALL_FAIL

Meaning: Occurs when block sizes are not the same in the PMT and scatter. In general, this error is treated to download all the blocks (one can usrdata enough), then the size in the PMT should switch to the right.

Solution: Use different version of Flash Tool

Error 35 : Error 4058: BROM ERROR: S_FT_GET_MEMORY_FAIL (4058)

Meaning: Flash tool was unable to locate the partition you’re trying to flash.

Solution: Un-tick any item with a blank or empty location

Error 36 : Error 5002: S_INVALID_DA_FILE

Meaning: The Download Agent (DA) file selected is not compatible. DA file is attached to the Flash Tool release, so choose the one which is provided in the Flash Tool folder.

Solution: Choose the DA file from the SP Flash Tool folder.

Error 37: Error 5007: BROM ERROR : S_FTHND_FILE_IS_NOT_LOADED_YET (5007)

Meaning: You’re trying to flash a file with unspecified path (no file selected in the item box)

  • Make sure scatter file is in the same folder where the other files to be flashed are located.
  • Untick any item whose file you do not have or whose path is not specified.

Error 38 : Error 5054: BROM ERROR S_DL_GET_DRAM_SETTINGS_FAIL (5054)
Meaning: The files you are trying to flash are not compatible with the device.

Solution: Ensure you are using the correct files.

Error 39 : Error 5069: BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069)

Error 40 : Error 5056: BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5056)

Meaning: The size of a file is larger than the available partition size.

  • Ensure that you are flashing the correct files to the device.
  • Try another ROM.

Error 41 : Error 5066: S_DL_PC_BL_INVALID_GFH_FILE_INFOR

Meaning: Wrong files. Scatter file of the chosen folder is not yet prepared for the FT files.

Solution: Choose the correct scatter file prepared for the FT files.

Error 42 : Error 5095: S_DL_MAUI_FLASH_ID_NOT_MATCHED_WITH_TARGET (5095)

Meaning: When you choose the wrong file, for example, another type flash downloads into current flash, the tool will warn with this message. The choosen flash files are not compatible with your device.


Meaning: The device has a protected or locked bootloader.

Solution: Unlock bootloader on your device.


Meaning: The Download-Agent being used is incompatible with the device.

Solution: Set Download-Agent to MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin


Meaning: Hash (integrity) check of the files being flashed failed.

  • Use SP Flash Tool V5.1516.00 from here – SP Flash Tool Download
  • Select the right Download Agent file
  • Navigate to Options > Option > Download and untick DA DLL All…


Meaning: Wrong flash settings or firmware.

  • Use the correct firmware for your exact device model
  • Select the correct Download Agent file in SP flash tool
  • Go to Options > Option > Connection > USB Speed > Full Speed
  • Go to Options > Option > Download > Untick DA DL All with Checksum

Error 47: Error 8038: Error 8038! Android download pmt is ready and layout has been changed / PMT changed for the ROM

Meaning: SP Flash Tool is having trouble writing to certain partitions due to some incompatibility.

  1. Format the phone in SP flash tool (Do not format Bootloader) then try flashing the files again using Download
  2. If Download doesn’t work then do a firmware upgrade
  3. If the MTK backup contains more than one scatter file, retry flashing with the other scatter file.
  4. If that isn’t feasible, try formatting first or use firmware upgrade
  5. If that doesn’t work, open the scatter file using Notepad++ and change __NODL_FAT to FAT by removing “__NODL_”.

Error 46: Error 8100

Meaning: Cannot find USB port.

Solution: Install the Drivers. If already installed uninstall them and reinstall again.

Error 47: Error 8200:
Meaning: Invalid file or incompatible recovery file.

  • Find the right recovery file.
  • Use the latest version of SP Flash Tool.

Error 48: Error 8406: SP FLASH TOOL ERROR (8406)
Meaning: Compatibility issues.

  • Flash the right firmware for your exact device model.
  • Update VCOM drivers.

That's it! Hope you found the solution to the error you were encountering. Also check our website for more SP Flash Tool related issues. It's a complete solution for Mediatek devices.
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How to use SP Flash Tool to fix MTK devices


If you are an Android geek & love to play with custom ROMs, recoveries & Kernels, one day you'll encounter a hard bricked device. Now what does hard brick mean? If you can't boot up your device, cannot get into recovery mode or see boot logo this would actually leave your device in a state where it is not more than a brick. SP Flash tool is an application for Windows & linxu which you could find very useful in fixing extreme cases of a bricked MTK Android. SP Flash Tool also known as Smartphone Flash Tool provides many options like flashing custom or stock recoveries or Kernel (boot.img). As Mediatek Smartphone don't have an Official tool for any such problems, SP Flash tool is really a boon for Mediatek Smartphone users. To learn more about this tiny yet effective tool, refer our guide: SP Flash tool - Complete Guide. Now, without wasting much time, lets get started with unbricking your Smartphone. 

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